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tv   [untitled]    November 5, 2011 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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this is our team from moscow it's saturday evening here our top story tonight the greek prime minister's survives a confidence vote in parliament after a week of drama in athens that shocked the e.u. and sent markets into turmoil the p.m.'s now holding talks to form a temporary governing coalition with oppositions demanding immediate elections in the country. us police handcuffed batons and tear gas to put down the occupy movement but activists say they're determined to stand their ground against the old washington oakland if you come the latest scenes of police crackdowns with severe casualties of more than one hundred arrests. some political ads are appearing all
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across russia as the campaign kicks off the seats of the country's lower house of parliament seven major parties will be competing in the same before for election. russia capitals a reputation for being rather hard on the pocket when it comes to its hospitals and hotels but now they're increasingly affordable options says discoveries in moscow. great. open. comfortable.
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so good for the people maybe. moscow. oh i welcome to the let's go out show now in the past we've discussed the rising world hostels to five star hotels here in the russian capital and what about the middle market today you know a star lodgings look so old that western standards so jolly martin rees as we explore two or three star lodgings here in moscow starting off i think threads that
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out of town officers patiently situated at the former red october chocolate factory a cultural melting pot the island located near the kremlin is packed full of nightclubs swanky restaurants and trendy arts galleries although central streets are often called to traffic late at night it can be noisy in the closest metro is a fair walk away take note said as one of the main new areas of contemporary culture in the capital if you want to be where the action is the first hotel is the perfect place. stylish designs for the lodgings popular with travelers of all ages i'm nationalities. this hotel is proving popular not just because of its low prices but also because. many of the new businesses that have set up shop here prices for a standard large double room start from seven thousand rubles a night that's around two hundred thirty dollars. also provides a range of d.v.d.'s books and magazines to visit alongside the typical editions
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a free one five party must go sightseeing advice and support. every year you hotels not in the russian capital five star chains as glamorous and wonderful as they are don't always offer the best value for money moscow has also seen an increase in bed and breakfast and new tools as the calls but they do cater for the younger market for those wanting a general three star experience most school does struggle for its deeds the middle of the range the large soviet hotels located out of the city center now have serious competition to our next until now just one hundred beaches from kentucky go towards metro station and the church of all saints this hotel of the same name of a central location in the russian capital there are several shops restaurants and bars close to the kids i go to this area our main advantage i think the bad and good prices for central morris go so i'll just have. to believe in more
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historical parts of most goal all. whites nice price. this hotel here has forces extremes of various sizes and prices with its close proximity to red square and the kremlin i think it offers for the best locations for its three star standard well this room is a nonsmoking split level suite that can accommodate up to four people a price seven thousand rubles roughly around two hundred dollars amazing value in the city center he says help may not be fancy but the staff speak english it has a friendly atmosphere and more importantly it's clean comfortable and safe because there's always two in this hotel when visiting is there like it's convenient location it's very close to metro station i also appreciate the friendly and intensive stuff here. bush is facing winter has helped moscow sea off an
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invading army or two over the years but in the twenty first century it's more likely to be cripplingly high price. this is the repel distance to the city as well as the most expensive destinations in the world and accommodation cruise i can see the ship to thousands of travelers every week. we're looking for accommodation anywhere in the world research is the key location facilities design value for money a lot to think of but a little time and effort and you can now find what you want. your culture we know hotel here is a great example just because you pay less doesn't mean you always have to do without certain standards and to discuss the topic of middle range accommodation in the russian capital let's meet this week's guest you now must be looking to have her tell us about well i think it was a clever move from my dad who started the first out here in moscow about fourteen years ago so it was probably
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a way to get me interested in the business and now of course it's a huge responsibility to have my name on the sidelines when you have more than one yes we have to ask your moscow one populates camp and one here are crushed. accommodation it is a little bit of a problem as well the hotels in moscow as you probably know they're all very different we have a lot of five star hotels and we have quite a few all soviet style titles and there's really a niche that we feel that is not well not fill that really want to compare ourselves with immediately and we feel that there is a big demand and that's exactly where we are working it's only about your well i think that we try our the essence of what we try to deliver is a convenience state so we would never charge for breakfast for example we would never charge for internet for wife i would have it all through the hotels in our
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greatness very fast the hotels are there i know and it's like water isn't and show so that's really important and we included that in. three years ago and it's always included in the raids and what we have done is also maybe. a very convenient thing for business travelers but also for tourists is that we have included the minibar in the raids and we have set we have seen statistics over the years where people take from it it's usually water a little snack you know even if you're working with you coming home late just want something small very toward a room service and way for half an hour they need something something small and for us it's actually costs more to handle that kind of the sales of it just as good that's always included in the rates yeah so yes. among the guests and there was side to say that we are three plus that's you know it's hard to say what is a three star what is forced out of our service i would say is i started at then
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maybe we don't have that you know twenty five metre swimming pool that's what we're good for a few pieces of glass. thank you very much for having all and what other two or three star hotels worth taking note of. is located in an old building in the historical area of downtown moscow constructed in the nineteenth century this house was a part of the nobles family mansion of course current interiors of the many hotels nothing like the luxurious decorations of the old house but all rooms are equipped with new furniture and facilities such as air conditioning and t.v. . glory of his rooms of various categories from twin standard rooms worth four thousand rubles around one hundred thirty dollars a night cheap economy rooms believe in hostile dorms. to maxime early this hotel in the north of the city is a three plus store business hotel with ninety six rooms aiming to combine european
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companies with russian hospitality it offers only standard accommodation but also. several design a ruse named pistachio orange you'll even find as you can you see right in the center of the room. for many. phones these sort of flies from the business part of the likes of which are very much it's a very very warm because that's all they. want to say cool so the people are very friendly. in the west of moscow approximately half an hour's drive from red square there's a large hotel called a mini a skier providing over two hundred rooms accommodation here around one hundred dollars per night it will be twelve hotels under the segment of three stats and if else will tell me it's paris all went in april this year the hotel is not close to the city center but there is
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a free of charge shuttle bus from the nearest metro station. if you prefer to stay closer to the action of the city center hotel come again might be a choice for you as it's located five minutes walk to the kremlin just off a central street. designed in a minimalist style for thirty five rooms in this mini hotel but you will have to pay more for the hotel's convenient location single standard rooms here cost two hundred dollars loss but by no means least we travel to the northeast area of the city located next three hours a river and the metro elaters of all star a final location acquainted only three star hotel in comparison to larger tel chains hotel forty five here office excellent service a comfortable location a living conditions european standards recently renovated the rooms are bright and contemporary there's a real family feel about this hotel no surprise that there are only seven rooms you
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can get more of a personal service and the hotel industry in moscow i think has finally woken up to the fact that it's in desperate need of accommodation. slowly surely the issue is getting rectified three star accommodation for travelers businesses and the country's spy and middle class modern facilities three one four i soundproof rooms and a large library of books on offer very specific breakfasts a person in the hotel from the fifes not bar guests are also free to use the chef kitchen during their stay. this is a very great part its like family here. and when i come. here as mostly develops changes will constantly in the many areas of its everyday life where the hotels restaurants or close shops growth and development brings why the choice and competition is capital can be daunting the price of a budget travel is yes but now you have seen for yourselves the price tags you will
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lose sleep over until you go shopping. so some great choices for you that see the russian capital doesn't have to be so expensive off the rule. well unfortunately that's all the time we have left on this week's program on two and three star hotels here muskerry i'll see you again the same time next week and so then for me and the rest of the crew from hotel forty five here from. monterey. historic. frankly.
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dynamic. things. more news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images the world is seeing from the streets of canada. operations rule today.
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we'll. bring you the latest science and technology from. the future. tries headlines from the greek prime minister who survives a confidence vote in parliament after a week of drama right after the e.u. and said markets ended the p.m.'s now holding talks to form a temporary governing coalition with the opposition with the mali media the likes of the company. us police weigh in with batons and tear gas to put down the. movement but activists stated determined to stand their ground against the old washington oakland become the latest things a police crackdown several casualties and more than one hundred arrests. and political ads in holdings are appearing all across russia as the campaign kicks off to win seats in the country's lower house of parliament seven major parties will be
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competing in the december fourth and should. now suffered in that sport. welcome still very good to have you with us mr headlights. little paving rusher in the czech republic of level one rubber piece and symbols a cup tie that's. up a double samuel eto is braced armstrong's the company behind the previous of the other three long in the russian premier league. and he doesn't most of the g.t.a. champion cases seals are regularly control fall season lindsay of robbery. assault tennis and russia and the czech republic a little at one rubber apiece on the opening singles of a third cup final and mascara perfect meet up at the czech republic of one robot
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and they'll leave easily overcame russia's military young girl who was a late replacement for albeit not as one of the all but in straight sets world number two it's been a brilliant form to see it was really troubled the released a six two six two win in just an hour and ten minutes. in the beginning was a surprise and so for sure because. mays i'm only going to play well and i did some mistakes so my so was the key even though both the games and. i was more confident program basing law in place again my game was there given to the fed cup has its own specific atmosphere it's hard to compare it even to grand slam tournament so i'm glad to be back with the team patrick little is on top of her form and she played really well today i try to do my best to win tonight but i feel. what puts. all sorts of pressure to get her side back
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on level terms of russian motion julie obliged to she swept her up. and this is a part of us side in straight sets six to six great school and. i was under high pressure as could be to our won the opening match that could gather and probably break my game six or seven years ago but now i'm more experienced than that help me to motivate myself in order to get an important win today. but not a football in the lead car in this position as the head coach response could be on the friends of the his so i could only manage a one one draw with local rivals to nominate. a cop and howard said the side would finish bringing the season in third world following this result the red and whites can only finish as high as fourth couldn't even worse as far as lancaster than cry me i'd put the namo in from our eight mcgeady restored parity with the seven minutes we want terry managed to get to know when to cut a lot. earlier so pete rock bottom time to one.
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eighteen minutes. from one team. however in the sixty fifth minutes there was a momentous moment the top. story of storing the siberian side's first goal in over nineteen hours of football the first in thirteen games and a strike it was back to tom's chances of recording their personal reasons to live they were given a boost to the hosts were reduced to ten men. but it was ross told who would have the last laugh was one cause huge breaking tom hearts in stoppage time but head and side three points. in well big spending under got their second win in just seven games after a comfortable four three one victory against previously out of however hard to come from behind them on what are the all of data some are out for the league and it's
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off to heart on breaking what a stunning strike it was when the fielder. m g they were level just a minute later. the region called getting to the by line and point cross was. stalled with a minimum of fuss to get his side back on level terms. as example minutes from home side wins in front of goal once again the provider and shy meal. of nipping in front of his marker to head home and i'm g. would see all the points two minutes later alexander would think of was pulled down by you on top of. the previous to be out of counts in a straight red card so make no mistake on account of the sport's the top seven goal of the season. meanwhile in the english premier league newcastle continue their excellent start to the season in two one when the robertson chelsea her fourth player interaction of the moment against blackburn little paul they're currently goal is for the swans the aston villa there freaks who are against
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norwich city marysville looking to continue that a good start to the season although as much as they're approaching the final whistle just. even it's like. one real madrid striker can stay on the run now though it's our european golden boot award it's called forty goals and spain's alida last season was no more than any other player in europe's top leagues now though collecting the trophy for a second time in his career. i'm going to speak in court she gives because i'm portuguese and this is in the war through old portuguese people i want to say thanks to everyone who's here. i want to share this award with all my teammates and coaches staff with all real madrid fans the president and his team all my family my mother my brothers my son and my girlfriend they all played a big part in everything i've achieved this year. russian crews went in this league
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if has been the america's former war champion james toney to claim the internet and w b a title the thirty two year old winning unanimous points decision in moscow only blamed his defeat on the need three picks up in the early rounds and to be fair he was walking gingerly into the press conference following the points injury apparently happening in the second round where you live it of course turning on to the ropes all on and survive the barrel of punches in the ninth to make sure he didn't suffer first knockout of his career or this was his seven to paint a major points to give brown has a record of twenty three wins and one defeat this is second big name scout in six months of beating world jones jr inmate. who you know the. coach. he was. doing it was very easy.
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working him down wasn't the goal because i knew who were standing in front of me and then the stupid lease man had eighty flights and no one came out i don't consider myself a terminator capable of looking out anyone with a little work. the basketball and attending euro league champions going to michaels rallied to be juggling course and maintain their perfect starts to the season so he weans spirit heading of his discharge in the second quarter has trouble finding the following improv a four point lead at half time the american image game high twenty one points out to me that is the man tedious connected with my book the east after a break to get his first win of the season ninety two to seventy five to find a store in athens and often i guess beaten in three games so far but this second degree be behind the russian. moscow. cases stoner is not taking his foot off the gas despite plainchant the moto g.p.
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title in his native australia last month but a small rider has claimed a record equalling twelve pole of the season ahead of the year ending race in valencia so i know i had the time she said to have a free practice sessions and was equally as dominant during qualification in spain he was the only one to pluck on the ball minutes and thirty two seconds or more with a second pass target his teammate dani pedrosa american been species will complete the front row of the grid stoner should also be happy about repeating point three mick doohan is recalled all russians run season. there in time it was no fairytale comeback in the poll in four five so i'm going to be champion failing to make the final of the second event of the world swimming cup it needs in singapore a twenty nine year old australian was only birdies one hundred meter butterfly heat of the shoot pool storm and south africa's child with loss but the injury taking the gold him finish the top five top five. podium finishes over the two
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days for only managed seventh place in the one hundred meters medley on friday her first competitive outing in five years swimmer aims to qualify for next summer's around the olympics and plans to use another two world cup legs pair for the national trials informant's time. we're going to go from frederick carson has a two shot lead going to the final round of the w t c h.s.b.c. championships events in shanghai because instead of the day is be over night leader on the cards and he was quick to extend his lead for a free birdies of the first four holes close we draw a shot at nine recovered to carter further birdies this one fourteen. a sixty seven for young kids and sixteen on the arm on the verge of a huge win but the chasing pack is closing in and it's always the hasan remains to show the soul of round sixty eight the south african but the biggest mover of the
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day was the pre-tournament favorite rory mcilroy northern irishman moving up thirteen places on the leaderboard following an excellent round sixty five to catapult himself to going for shots of the absent. and finally caddie steve williams is apologize for alleged racist comments he made about his former boss tiger woods williams major surgery for counties in shanghai bergen new zealand was was even there was given a more cold water celebration after winning the rich phone invitation and events with adam scott's it was his first victory since being fired by woods in july of this hearing of thirteen major titles but world number one the american goal for most of the invitation of events in australia trying to give any comments however his agent steinberg said that williams rant was sad regrettable. when i grow up today but what is coming up next and kevin will be here all the
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latest news. will. remain you believe this in science and technology from the realms of russia. we've got the future covered.
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all. great.


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